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Ultrasonic Surgical System

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Miconvey is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and manufacturing of high-level surgical instruments. Widely utilized in fields such as general surgery, gastroenterology, thoracic surgery, gynecology, and urology, our minimally invasive surgical instruments have earned an excellent reputation among patients, doctors, and partners.

Miconvey is a company dedicated to providing close support to doctors and pursuing better surgical outcomes, ultimately benefiting patients.
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Miconvey Ultrasonic Surgical Scalpel

Ultrasonic Surgical System


Miconvey Ultrasonic Surgical ScalpelSelf-adaptive tissue technology provides stronger and more reliable sealing in a wide range of vessels

Miconvey Ultrasonic Surgical ScalpelMinimal thermal spread is achieved and can effectively reduce the eschar and the bleeding risk after operation

Miconvey Ultrasonic Surgical ScalpelPrecise dissection and coagulation

Miconvey Ultrasonic Surgical ScalpelThe self-regulating handpiece ensures a more stable energy output

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Miconvey Ultrasonic Surgical Scalpel
Ultrasonic Scissor Type Scalpel

UItrasonic Surgical System

Scissor Scalpel

Ultrasonic Scissor Type ScalpelThe device features a slim tip, designed to reduce thermal spreading injury and avoid nerve damage,resulting in safe coagulation

Ultrasonic Scissor Type ScalpelThe curved tip conforms to physiological structure, thereby allowing efficient cutting

Ultrasonic Scissor Type ScalpelThe ergonomic design fits doctor's hands, stabilizing the operation

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Ultrasonic Scissor Type Scalpel
Endoscopic Linear Cutting Stapler with purple cartridges

Universal Endoscopic

Linear Cutting Stapler and

Single Use Loading Unit


Endoscopic Linear Cutting Stapler with purple cartridgesThe Cayman Claw Technology reduces lateral and longitudinal oscillations occurring during staple lifting, while simultaneously enhancing the resistance to slipping during the firing process

Endoscopic Linear Cutting Stapler with purple cartridgesThe endoscopic stapler adopts a new spindle formation design to enable perfect anastomosis effect (Guiding Stapling Technology)

Endoscopic Linear Cutting Stapler with purple cartridgesThe unique pre-clamping design features tissue pre-compression for 15 seconds, optimizing tissue compression and minimizing tissue injury

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Endoscopic Linear Cutting Stapler with purple cartridges
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