Ultrasonic Surgical System

Miconvey Ultrasonic Surgical  Harmonic Scalpel
Self-adaptive Tissue Technology

Miconvey ultrasonic surgical system adopts Self-adaptive tissue technology,
which enables stronger and more reliable sealing in a wide range of
vessels up to 5mm.

The generator K500 can simultaneously monitor signals from the shears
and adjust energy output according to different tissues.

Miconvey Ultrasonic Surgical  Scalpel is cutting tissue

Minimal Thermal

The ultrasonic scalpel allows minimal eschar
and desiccation on the tissue, resulting in less
tissue sticking compared with electrosurgery.
It can effectively reduce the eschar and the
bleeding risk after operation.

The ultrasonic surgical system is mainly used
in thoracic surgery, gastrointestinal surgery,
urology surgery, minimally invasive gynecologic
surgery, hepatobiliary surgery,etc.

Miconvey ultrasonic harmonic Scalpel in laparoscopic surgery

Precise, Fast Dissection and Safe Vessel Sealing

Miconvey ultrasonic surgical system adopts cold pressure technology, with outstanding features of uniformity of tissue pressure, uniformity of energy output and high efficiency of cutting and coagulation.

The ultrasonic harmonic scalpel has multi-function: applied to separating , grasping , cutting and coagulation without replacing instruments.
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