Miconvey Endoscopic Linear Cutting Stapler

Universal Endoscopic

Linear Cutting Stapler and

single Use Loading Unit


Triple “CC” Technology

Two Endoscopic Linear Cutting Staplers

Cayman Claw Technology

Reduce the lateral and longitudinal
oscillations when the staples are lifted,and
reinforce slipping resistance during the
firing process.

Cayman Clip Technology

Lock the tissue like a Cayman,reinfore
clamping force and effectively reduce
tissue slippage during firing.

Cayman Curve Technology

Flexibly shuttle through tissue gap and easy
operate on blunt separtion.
 Intelligent Staple Height(ISH) Technology

4 Generation Cartridge With Intelligent Staple Height
(ISH) Technology

Optimal compression of the tissue with no trauma, Lower tissue stress along outer row, Improves perfusion to the cutline. The endoscopic linear cutting stapler QELC adopts a new spindle formation design to enable perfect anastomosis effect (Guiding Stapling Technology)

Unique Pre-clamping

Tissue pre-compression for 15 seconds,
Optimize tissue compression, Minimize
tissue injury.

The endoscopic linear cutter stapler
features a single-use cartridge blade,
ensure maximum sharpness and
avoid risk of cross-infection
and cancer metastasis.

Disposable Endoscopic Linear Cutter Stapler Reload

Free Rotation

360 degree body rotation
45 degree left and right nail magazine rotation

Endoscopic Linear Cutting Stapler support 360 degree body rotation
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