Powered Endoscopic Linear Cutting Stapler

Powered Endoscopic Linear
Cutting Stapler

Continuous and Stable Firing

With continuous and stable firing, the powered stapler boasts better
stability of the jaw, reducing the swing rate by 95% compared to
manual types, thus ensuring perfect staple formation.

The powered stapler allows the surgeon to manually open the
jaws, thereby enabling the blade to retract, providing added
flexibility and control during surgical procedures.

Anastomosis with Stability

Tissue pre-compression
15 Seconds Pre-compression

Tissue is pre-compressed for 15 seconds
to improve compression force and ensure
tissue uniformity, resulting in less spillage.

Cayman Claw
Cayman Claw

When the staples are lifted, Cayman Claw reduces
lateral and longitudinal oscillations, firmly clamps
the tissue, and enhances slipping resistance
during the firing process.

Spindle socket form anvil
Spindle Socket Anvil

Spindle socket anvil, guiding stapling technology,
Enables the achievement of a perfect anastomosis.

Powered Endoscopic Linear
Cutting Stapler

Cartridge Variety

5 staple heights in both 46 and 60 mm length,available for any surgical situation.
Mainly used in bariatric surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, colorectal surgery,
thoracic surgery,etc.
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